Teaching at Apple English Network

Thank you for your interest in teaching at Apple English Network.  We are a school with a long and

proud history of academic excellence, located in a diverse and welcoming community. Apple English


Network offers a rewarding and happy work environment, and a dynamic professional development


program. We are looking for excellent teachers who are passionate about education and wish to


contribute to school and student life in a variety of ways.

Our Teachers

We are looking for teachers who :

  • passionately enjoy working with children and teenagers

  • show evidence of a commitment to inspired teaching and lifelong learning 

  • have experience with current best practices, teaching materials, and instructional strategies 

  • have a Bachelor degree with a valid ESOL credentials (Masters degree preferred) 

  • integrate technology in curriculum and instruction in one-to-one environments 

  • have experience in cross-cultural environments and/or international teaching 

  • differentiate instruction based on student abilities, interests, and learning styles 

  • communicate effectively and efficiently with students, parents and colleagues 

  • positively contribute to school culture through support and leadership of school activities 

  • design and deliver an engaging and purposeful inquiry based program 

  • commit to ongoing professional learning and share expertise with staff through professional development opportunities

Please email us for job inquiries at :





アップル英語教室 / Apple English Network

二の宮教室 〒910-0015 福井県福井市二の宮1丁目5-15

浅水教室  〒918-8181 福井県福井市浅水町104-13

TEL: 0776-43-1979

E-mail: info@apple-english.net

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